Hedgehog HessiClip - Exciting New Product

The HessiClip has been designed, developed and produced in the UK as an industry first to help minimise the risk of accidents and injury on building and construction sites from falling masonry.

HessiClip replaces the old method of precariously balancing bricks and blocks on top of hessian sheets during the curing process.

Produced in ‘safety yellow’ the HessiClip is highly visible from the ground, helping to re-assure workers, visitors and general public that site safety is paramount.

The HessiClip has been manufactured using a lightweight durable material. The flexible design is capable of withstanding all temperatures for prolonged periods when using brick, block or stone wall construction.

Why use HessiClips?

• Minimise risk
• Low cost
• Re-usable
• Manufactured in the UK
• Ease of use
• Versatile
• Recyclable
• Available worldwide

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Safety First

Minimise the risk on your building site…
Keeping workers, visitors and the general public safe on and around construction sites is a legal requirement. The HessiClip has been devloped with consideration to providing a safer building working environment.


  • Low Cost – The HessiClip is affordable to all building companies, large or small, making all building sites a safer place to work.
  • Re-Usable – The HessiClip is a 100% re-usable product, so you can use it on multiple building projects at anytime of the year.
  • Manufacturing – The HessiClip has been designed and manufactured in the UK by a leading plastics manufacturer.
  • Ease of Use – The HessiClip is a simple design allowing for ease of use and easy to store.
  • Versatile – The HessiClip can fit a number of brick sizes, from blocks to the standard brick size.
  • Recyclable – All HessiClips are made from 100% recyclable material, kinder to you and the environment.

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